New House

I’ve been sooo neglectful of this blog and I’m finally feeling guilty enough that I’m going to post! It’s been quite awhile since my last post, but I think the best place to start is with our new home! After all the craziness of searching for a place and having so many fall through, we ended up in a house that we have been so incredibly happy with. I can’t even tell you how nice it is not to have any more “house anxiety” – our living situations in Detroit were just not ideal and caused a lot of peripheral but constant stress for us. Here in San Antonio, our house is beautiful, everything works, our neighborhood is safe, we’ve never had a problem with our landlord… I could go on and on. It’s just really nice to feel like we finally have a place that’s ours that doesn’t look like a heap of crap!

So here are some photos of the place. I took these awhile back so we’ve had some changes/updates since they were taken, but these will at least give you a good sense of the place. I’ll apologize in advance for the quality of some of these – I didn’t realize some of them were so dark until I got them off my camera!

The front of our house! It's a cute little one-story on a quiet cul-de-sac.

The front of our house! It’s a cute little one-story on a quiet cul-de-sac.


Our front entryway. The white door on the right leads to our garage (!!).


Our garage is actually pretty empty but we did buy a new lawn mower when we moved here. I had never mowed a lawn before – it’s actually pretty fun.


Sorry this is so dark!! But this is the living room. Kurt got creative with some furniture pieces to make the setup – I totally love it. We’re lucky because a lot of the pieces we already had work well with the warm, earth tones of the house’s painted walls.


Another view of the living room. Not crazy about the red wall (on the far left there) but oh well! The tiny hallway in the left corner leads to the guest room, guest bath, and Kurt’s office.


Kurt’s office. Pretty basic for now. We’re hoping to get some bookshelves in there eventually, but there are definitely other priorities for the house right now.


The guest bedroom. We’ve since gotten full sheets/blankets for it :) Still need some end-tables though… sorry houseguests!


Here’s the guest bath. I’m totally in love with the Finnish Marimekko Kaiku shower curtain my mom got me awhile ago. We’ve even got lime green towels to match.


Toward the other end of the house we find the pantry/laundry room. Not wild about the shelving in here but it does the job well enough.


We got an awesome deal on this washer and dryer set. It’s so great being able to do laundry in super-efficient machines. They even play songs to let you know your laundry is done – I’m a sucker for a modern marvel that sings to me…


Across from the pantry is the kitchen (also accessible from the living room). This is obviously my favorite part of the whole house… I love the cabinets/counters and the fact that I have so much space! The island is a great bonus. We also have a little breakfast bar to the right. My in-laws got us some barstools I had my eye on for Christmas and it’s so nice to finally use that feature. We’re very lucky we managed to rent a house that came with both a stove and a fridge – fridges do not come standard with rentals here in San Antonio!


The kitchen is eat-in and has a beautiful bay window that our cat loves. To the right are double doors that lead to the porch and backyard.


Having this much cabinet space is pretty amazing. I actually have EMPTY cabinets, there’s so much room. This is the first time I haven’t struggled to find a place for everything.


Here is half of our backyard – it continues around the corner. It’s mostly weeds, to be honest, but it’s easy to mow and it’s nice to have totally fenced-in space. When it’s warm (by which I mean above 65 – I’m a wuss already from living here!) I like to have my morning coffee/tea on the porch. We don’t have proper porch furniture yet – hopefully we’ll get some soon so we can enjoy the coming spring before the blistering heat sets in.


Past the kitchen and pantry is the master. We got this beautiful bed frame from Kurt’s aunt – the sage green goes amazingly in this house. We also got the matching bedspread and couldn’t be more grateful that we didn’t have to outfit the whole thing ourselves! Queen beds feel so small now – we’re totally spoiled.


The master closet is a walk-in with some shelving space, and plenty of room to hang our clothes. No more fighting about whose clothes get hung up and where!


The closet continues behind the wall for even more space. There were also tons of hooks left on the wall so we’re able to hang our scarves and hats. Very nice.


The master bath is an en suite with a double vanity, stall shower, garden tub, and linen closet. I confess I’ve had a few bubble baths with candles and sparkling wine since we moved here!

So there you have it! Our new place. No house is ever perfect, but I have very, very few complaints about it here. I actually really love it… as evidenced by the fact that I spend time in almost all the rooms. Now if only we could get back to a typical, warm San Antonio winter…

6 thoughts on “New House

  1. Don’t know how to send my comments. Name of needs to be!! Why can’t you just email me? Yes, I liked the house but I don’ t like having to waste time trying to find “Send” after adding comments in two places.

    Love, DAD

  2. Your house is very cute!! I am surprised you do not like the red wall. :) The walls in your Living Room are the same color as we have all over the house. Sometimes I wish I had one other color! Happy you and Curt are doing well and we will come to San Antonio sometime! We are working on retirement plans for Phil, but not sure when it will happen. Love, Aunt Carla

  3. fun to see a home tour! what a great kitchen. i can see why you like it so much. and your shower curtain is awesome! with all the cooking you do i’m surprised you haven’t added shelves to your pantry ;) can you put in a garden in that nice, big yard? and i agree – mowing IS fun! ~cousin carrie

    • Good point about the shelves in the pantry! Though I will say it helps me to be more cognizant of what I have so I don’t keep piling new stuff on top of the old – I definitely don’t have a great system for keeping track of everything that’s in there. But maybe some more shelving would be a good plan for the future… Hm. Also I’m hoping I can do some gardening but I have to check with the leasing agent I guess! If not, our patio is certainly big enough and gets enough sun that I could have a modest container garden. Also I’m so bummed about your forced departure from blogging! I could not believe how much they want to charge annually for more space. I guess that’s the one upside to me being a negligent blogger… Hopefully you can figure out a solution though, I miss your posts :)

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