Indecision of the culinary type, that is. I’m on my own for the first time in awhile tonight (Kurt is on business in Ohio) so I decided to spoil myself and cook something I was really excited to eat. I decided on pasta, but the big question was: how to dress it?? Ultimately I was craving a bunch of different flavors and ended making three different kinds. I probably made a little too much, but it’s rare that I get to satisfy all the tastes I’m looking for so I was pretty happy with it. And two of the three feature ingredients that Kurt doesn’t like so I rarely use them – it was fun to cook solely for my own palate today.


Mashed avocado with tomato and garlic, homemade spinach/basil/sunflower seed pesto, and eggplant puttanesca (I’m a sucker for kalamata olives so I think this was my favorite by a small margin).

Usually I don’t make things that require more than minimal effort if it’s just for me, but sometimes you just have to spoil yourself. I have a feeling I’m not the only one who rarely goes all out unless they’re cooking for someone else… I’d love to know if you have a recipe that you love but only make every once in awhile when you really feel like doing something special purely for your own enjoyment!

Also, I know most people who read this blog know about Kurt’s promotion and I PROMISE I will do an entry about his new job soon – it’s just that we learn more about it everyday so I still feel like I can’t answer all the questions adequately yet. I will say though, that for those of you who we told we were going to Dallas, we are not! We got word this week that we will actually be moving to San Antonio. It’s better in a lot of ways for Kurt (personally and professionally) so that’s good news. I just put in our thirty day notice for our apartment and wrote our final rent check. Pretty crazy! More to come.

5 thoughts on “Indecision

  1. Wow. I am so impressed! You might have to open your own vegetarian restaurant in San Antonio! We will be there Aug.21-26…let me know if you will have moved by then…:) las

    • Don’t tempt me!! :) Unfortunately we won’t be moved by then – but there is a small chance I’ll be down there looking at apartments during those dates. I’ll let you know if that happens!

  2. Hi Hopie,

    I’ve been trying to read your Facebook posts but not having much luck. I did manage to open the one where you said the 2nd house was gone too so I know you’re frustrated.

    Honey, I have a log with over 30 passwords and other information listed but I’m suffering a severe memory loss so it doesn’t help me much – just frustration. It’s just getting too complicated. I’ve also had an attempt to hack my savings account – the bank stopped it before money was taken out – but I couldn’t use it either and I had to wait 3 days to get a new debit card. I won’t use Facebook anymore so you’ll have to connect with me with email. I also received an email from Apple informing me that someone had used my info to place an order for something – but they paid for it. They advised that I change my passwords – which I don’t dare do because I’d never figure it all out. Getting old is no fun!! Never did get an reaction about removing the stuff that indicated I’m supposed to be gay. What bullshit!!!!

    Sorry honey! It’s not good news. I love you – both of you!


    Cecil Pretty

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