Epic fail on my part catching up with blog posts – between family happenings, personal life, and professional developments on Kurt’s side (more to come on that soon), the last few weeks have been pretty crazy.

But here’s a little post to wish Kurt a very lovely 25th birthday! We’ve been celebrating since last weekend and plan to carry on the celebrations all week. It’s hard to believe we’ve been best friends since we were both 17 years old in high school P.E. class…


What a cool kid.

Happy birthday to one of the most handsome, thoughtful, driven, and wonderful people I have the honor to know. (Kurt, I know you rarely read my blog and will probably be mad at me for posting this photo once you finally see it months later, but I love you! Happy, happy birthday!)

3 thoughts on “Quarter-Centenarian

  1. Happy Birthday, Kurt!!
    I am sorry that I missed it. Is today (July 23rd) the official date? I hope that you had a wonderful day celebrating being YOU! Everyone should own a red suit!! It was great to see you at the Peters gathering. Thank you for the yummy food you helped make.
    Aunt Sara

    • Hi Aunt Sara! Yes, his birthday is the 23rd. And this red suitcoat was the one we bought for his very first interview at the beginning of the process to him landing the job in Dallas… I guess his favorite color turned out to be very lucky! I’ll pass along your well wishes :)

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