Almost There

Well, after a few hiccups, we managed to get the majority of our stuff over to the new apartment and spent our first night there! We decided against hiring movers and instead Kurt’s friend Gaven offered to help us. So we got a giant U-Haul truck yesterday and practically emptied the house. We’ve still got a few odds and ends left in Hamtramck, but it mostly just needs to be cleaned. I’m sitting on the floor of our old apartment typing this since we haven’t got our internet set up at the new place yet. It’s so weird to have it so empty.

I’d say the whole move went really well, despite a couple things out of our control. Nothing got damaged in the truck and we got it all done in about four hours from loading up to emptying the truck. Not bad! It was the least stressful move I’ve had yet. We’re so lucky Gaven offered his services, though. I don’t have nearly enough strength/stamina to schlep heavy furniture up stairs to the third floor, even with Kurt’s help. I promised I’d buy him craft beer and cook him some meat (!) as a thank you.

Now that all the furniture is in Belleville and starting to get arranged, I’m actually starting to love what we have. It fits the space so much better and the color of our carpet somehow really works with all of our pieces perfectly so that the living room looks much more cohesive than it ever did in Hamtramck. Maybe we’ll hold off on buying new furniture after all! It’s still not all set up how we want it, so no pictures yet, but hopefully I’ll have some for you later this week.

I’m probably going to have to rethink the balcony garden, which totally stinks! There are trees that surround our balcony so while we get really nice morning sun right now, Gaven pointed out that we’ll probably have full shade by early summer. Bummer! But I found out I can rent a cheap plot from the park district just down the road from our complex for the season so I’ll probably end up doing that. I gotta have my fresh veggies.

Kurt and I are already feeling really positive about the new place, having gotten our things in there. It feels more like home than Hamtramck ever did, despite only having spent a day there. The neighbors we’ve met seem nice but private (fine by us). The new noises will take some getting used to (we traded subwoofers and late-night hollering for planes, trains, and automobiles) but I imagine that won’t be an issue after a week or two. I’m just so excited we have a new place. And as soon as we tie up loose ends in Hamtramck, I’m off on the job hunt full throttle. Wish me (us) luck!

One thought on “Almost There

  1. Yay for a Park District plot..and so close, too. Look forward to pictures ~ Happy that you like it so well after one day! Take care – LAS

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